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Asphalt Paving and Repair

Ryan Excavating has the highest quality workers with years of experience laying asphalt to make sure you have a finished surface that not only looks good, but also will last for years.

When repairing asphalt our crews only remove and replace what cannot be filled with patches or rubber.  When repairing holes we use the highest quality bonding agents to give the tightest seal between the exisiting surface and the new mix.  For larger areas of spider web cracking we will cut out the effected area and fill it with new mix only using the necessary equiptment to finsih the job timely and right.  By not bringing unnecessary equiptment to the site we save you money and provide quality repairs.

Ryan Excavating also has the larger equiptment and pavers to handle larger areas and full driveways, parking lots, and roads.  Our fleet of trucks allow us to keep the asphalt hot and on time to the site, ensuring timely completion of the project and saving you money by reducing down time on the site. 

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